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1. Doctor = Publisher

2. One hundred doctors

3. Train on the track

4. Behind the scenes

5. Home stretch

6. Playground

7. The seventh day

8. Appendix

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since 13 May 2005

Free Medical Information: Doctor = Publisher

Medical information wants to be free. Fortunately, that is easier than most people think: just distribute the PDF of your books to everyone and sell the print edition to a few. The result?

First, a free PDF communicates your expertise to tens of thousands of readers within weeks. Second, it is the most powerful promotion for a book. Only a small fraction of your readers will buy the print edition; however, on a global scale, fractions translate into large numbers.

Find out more about free publishing models. The financial conditions are surprising.

Free Medical Information (94 pages, download PDF) shows how doctors can produce and market their own books.


Bernd Sebastian Kamps is the director of the international Amedeo Literature Service and the Editor-in-Chief of Flying Publisher.

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Chapter 1
Doctor = Publisher
I have a dream - A change of generations - Communication channels - Book vs. internet - Pioneer projects - Traditional publishing house or the author as publisher? - Cash flow - The world needs 100 doctors
Chapter 2
One hundred doctors
No.1 vs. mediocrity - Fart in a teacup - Commitment - Schedule - Structuring - Internet supplement - Language - Editorial team - Mentor - Time frame - Deadline - Team of authors - Budget
Chapter 3
Getting the train on the track
Book format - Against the light - References - Journalistic handbooks - Styles - Key combinations - Letters to the authors - Kick-off - List of contributors - Bank details
Chapter 4
Behind the scenes
Securing financing - Profit margins - Sponsoring the website - Opening and closing credits - Founding a publishing house - ISBN numbers - Internet domain - Project Center - Spell verification - Negotiations with sponsors
Chapter 5
The home stretch
Keywords - Preliminary publication on the internet site - Final assembly - Citations - Caption - Contents - Index - PDF version - Advertising - Distribution - Ora et labora
Chapter 6
Playground, creativity
Pocket edition - Expansion of the website - Payment of authors' fees - English edition - Removal of copyright - Blogs
Chapter 7
The seventh day
Flying Publisher support fund - Flying Publisher tutoring - Flying Publisher meetings - Second edition - Be part of it
Chapter 8
Letter to your authors - Working with Word - Copyright removal




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