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1. Doctor = Publisher

2. One hundred doctors

3. Train on the track

4. Behind the scenes

5. Home stretch

6. Playground

7. The seventh day

8. Appendix

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7. The seventh day
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FMI support fund - FMI tutoring - FMI meetings - Second edition - Be part of it

If you have read a chapter every day, then today is the seventh day. So you see: in seven days, you can rearrange the world.

Free Medical Information (FMI) is now available as a book and a free internet text - that is a good beginning. The FMI project has a long road ahead. If things are to be changed, then: good things take time. Patience is important, as is the meticulous planning of how to proceed.

FMI support fund

Wishes do not always come true, but we are allowed to voice them. Our wish is for an FMI support fund. FMI will try to obtain non project-related subsidies from pharmaceutical companies. The inclusion and exclusion criteria for participating in the funding program will be announced on the FMI website in due course. Possible criteria are:

  • The book is a clinical textbook.
  • It has the volume of a standard textbook (see HIV Medicine, www.HIVMedicine.com).
  • It is published by a team of authors.
  • The average age of the publishers is <=50 years.
  • The project will appear as a book + a free website.
  • The project will be supported on an individual basis.
  • The support sum will be paid directly to the authors.

FMI tutoring

A book cannot answer all the questions there are. The author is available to committed colleagues at all times (contact via the known e-mail addresses).

FMI meetings

You have to experience things, you can't just make them up. But, you can learn from the experience of other people, so it makes sense for the publishers of medical FMI textbooks to meet regularly.

We will organise these meetings and announce them in good time on www.freemedicalinformation.com. Participation is only possible upon personal invitation.


You have seen how quickly you have produced a book and a website with your team of authors.

Just lie back for a moment and take a look into the future.

Go back to work tomorrow.

Plan the second edition.

The spirit of science is to share information.

Be part of it.





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